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As we are nearing the half way mark of this year, it is the perfect opportunity to reflect.

These past six months have been deeply wonderful for me. I have made significant changes, I retired from working within an industry that no longer brought me joy. I prepared and departed on an adventure around the world, visiting important friends in far away places. During this trip I explored new countries, strengthened old friendships and was fortunate to form new friendships too. I experienced dissimilar cultures and accomplished something that made me happy every single day. 

On my return I have spent more time improving my beautiful home into my ideal dwelling. Relationships with my friends and family have flourished as well as my relationship with myself.

I have concentrated on making my soul happy, dedicating time to relaxation and meditation. I am proud of the person I am.

Despite being unaware of the future, I am very content with living in today. I no longer dwell on nostalgic moods and although as of yet I am not truly aware of what I really want to do, I am maintaining optimism and developing a positive lifestyle, being grateful for every moment and with those I spend my moments with.